Solid State Relays

Opto 22 offers a complete line of solid state relays, from the rugged 120/240-volt AC Power Series to the small-footprint MP Series, designed for mounting on printed circuit boards.
All Opto 22 relays have 4,000 volts of optical isolation between the field side and the control side, and all are UL and CSA recognized. Every Opto 22 solid state relay is subjected to full load test and six times the rated current surge both before and after encapsulation. We don't do statistical testing.

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  • MP Series, DC Small footprint, circuit board mounted
  • P Series, DC Low profile, circuit board mounted
  • Power Series, DC-AC Rugged. Voltage and current options.
  • Z Series, DC Low cost, all-plastic, tool-free quick-connect

All Opto 22 SSRs are guaranteed for life.

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