Light-Low DIN Rail enclosures

Light low-cost modules enclosures
With the optional terminal covers you can have a simple and low cost two pcs enclosure or you can use the optional covers to enable you the flexibility to build your own DIN-rail enclosures. The possibility of mixing covers with different openings for connectors gives not only very wide options of connections, but also a very good price.

Due to designed covers it is possible to add different and individual features to the design. Interconnections in form of pin headers and distance pcs/spacers from board level to board level are available. Options: Printed numbers and symbols on the cover and colour coded covers. Series M2 is, if requested, available with customer specified holes in front. Prototype PCB, customized label and packing are available.

Dual height DIN RAIL Enclosure

Bernic has a new series snap together vertical enclosures for M36 DIN-rail in 35 mm to 210 mm modules width to bring customers value in the form of lower cost of assembly. These new enclosure series are designed for applications like process control, relays for measurement, and factory automation. The snap together design permits easy assembling and soldering of the complete PCB (with terminals and components). Simply snap in the PCB and snap together the two side's parts.

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