M12 Field attachable Connectors

The new CONEC M12 field attachable connector, with crimp contacts, offers a quickly, flexibly and reliably connection and is available in coding’s A, B, D, and X. The very compact and light design is ideal for applications with low space and weight.

CONEC M12 Crimp X-coded is designed for Ethernet applications with data rates up to 10 Gigabit/s, allowing applications with high data rates to be implemented in an industrial environment.

The turned crimp contacts can take stranded wire cross-sections from AWG 28 (0.08mm²) to AWG 22 (0,34mm2) for X-coding. And from AWG 24 (0.25mm2) to AWG 18 (0,75mm2) for A-, B- and D-coding. So suitable for a wide range of commercial industrial data cables.

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